We are thrilled to host our 13th year of BRIDGE this winter! We cannot thank God enough for His faithful provision over all these years and the lives He’s changed through our seasons together. He truly deserves all the glory and praise!

We are so glad that you will be joining us again this year in our joint effort of making Jesus our greatest passion!  And we are excited to see what our mighty God has in store for us  as well as for our local churches this year.  We look forward to seeing you soon and worshiping the Lord with all of our hearts, soul, mind, and strength! So let’s get our prayers started early this year!!

And guess what?  All registration process will be done ONLINE including the Youth this year!

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Retreat Details:
Location: Potomac Park Retreat Center, 11 Tabernacle Way, Falling Waters, WV 25419
Date/Time: December 27-30, Tuesday (4pm) – Friday (1pm)
Goal: To glorify God and to enjoy Him as ONE church by sharing the greatest joy of Jesus with the next generation of youth!
Main Speaker: Pastor Mike Park (Grace D.C)
Theme: “Beauty of the Gospel”
Verse: TBA


  • Youth Students 
    Early Bird: 11/13, Sunday – $150
    Regular: 11/27, Sunday – $160
    Late: 12/11, Sunday – $175
  • College/Adults (non-counselors)
    Early Bird: 11/13, Sunday – $140
    Regular: 11/27, Sunday – $150
    Late: 12/11, Sunday – $165
  • Counselors / Pastors (See Notes #1-#3 below)
    Early Bird: 11/13, Sunday – $45
    Regular: 11/27, Sunday – $55
    Late: 12/11, Sunday – $65
  • All Partial Registrations  
    Regular: 11/27, Sunday – $60/day
    Late: 12/11, Sunday – $70/day


1. Counselor Rates are lower since we do our best to express our appreciation for their hard work and co-laboring with B4Y.
2. How can I serve as one of the counselors this year? Click here to find out: FAQ 
3. All counselors must be in touch with BRIDGE4YOUTH staff before filling out the online form so that we can make sure that we have enough space for you to serve.  Click here to contact us now.
4. We cannot guarantee t-shirts if you register after December 4th. Our t-shirt orders take a minimum of two and a half weeks. As it is the Christmas season, we cannot delay our orders any later than this date. So we strongly encourage you to register on time this year.
5. Waiver forms and cash/check payments should be mailed to the following address BY the due date:  Attn: BRIDGE 2016 (8526 Amanda Place, Vienna, VA 22180)  *Checks should be written to “BRIDGE4YOUTH”


     *All Registration is done Online this year including Youth.


Poster: Click bridge-2016 to download

Serving together,