– It was wonderful and my favorite part was small groups!


– I thought that bridge this year was great. Although it did seem to pass by. The seminars were very interesting and relatable. I thought that pastor mike was a great speaker and i could understand him very well.


– BRIDGE 2016 was definitely not in my plans, but it was definitely in the Lord’s plan for me. I had served in youth ministry for 8+ years, but I not been in youth ministry for the past 10 years – I had thought that was a closed chapter in my life. I had not been at a youth retreat since my youth group serving days. I think the last youth retreat was one of the ROC retreats. I am a pediatric RN and pediatric nurse practitioner to be (finish this August 2017!), so the only time I am around kids and youth are at work, besides spending time with my 3 year old niece. But to be back in any part of youth ministry…it’s quite amazing how the Lord worked in my heart about that. Leading up to BRIDGE, I realized more about myself that wasn’t pretty…specifically how selfish my love was. I didn’t think my love was THAT selfish…I give all the time…but the Lord had me realize that I was selective in how I love. That was pretty rebuking from the Lord. At Bridge, the Lord did not necessarily “speak” to me or impress upon me how to love, but He just had me do so, in so many ways, during the retreat. He stretched me in ways that I did not expect, and I am forever grateful to the Lord for that. Words cannot describe enough of how joyous and wonderful it was to see the youth students come to BRIDGE to renew their hearts to the Lord or give their hearts to the Lord for the first time…and also to fellowship and worship the Lord together as ONE church. Lord willing, I plan to be back at BRIDGE 2017!


– If you haven’t already, please take a brief moment to give us your feedback and share your blessings.  (http://bridge4youth.org/reflection-form/)



– It was Awesome!


– Coming to Bridge I thought it was going to be super awkward. But after the first day everyone knew each other and had a great time.  My favorite part of Bridge was group games and skits because we got to work with other groups other than our skit groups. We got to bond with everyone.


– I really learned so much at this Bridge Retreat and thoroughly enjoyed the extensive time we were given to pray and reflect on what we learned and how to apply it to our lives. I rededicated my life to the Lord and wholeheartedly committed to being His humble servant with His guidance and strength. Most importantly, my time at Bridge was valuable because my understanding of reciprocating God’s love and grace to others and being the salt and light of the world deepened. Giving God all the glory in everything we do, which is the chief end of man, developed into a more personal meaning.  

I loved my small group and being able to play group games and do skit. I really enjoyed having a mixed group (coed and two grades in the same group) and having people from all different churches, which isn’t what we did last year. I’m glad I was able to meet so many different people instead of having a couple people from my same church in my group. Hopefully this will be continued for the upcoming Bridge retreats.


– I had a great time at bridge this year. So many people came to this retreat.  The shirts they gave us were nice but i think the best part was getting to know new people.


– I think Bridge really helped me figure out who I was and who God was. I think the biggest thing I learned about God is that he really shows up in unexpected times and ways. I got to talk with a lot of other believers who went through what I went through and I think that I bonded with my church even more than I originally had.  My favorite part was the last night. I thought it would be like every other last night of any other retreat, which was crying, eating ramen, and then waking up the next morning super bloated. Even though all of those things happened, it was really different. I think I felt so much love and peace that I had never experienced before, and it was amazing. – Josh Lee


– Post bridge, God has really revealed himself to me through the people I love and the people I took for granted. Bridge really opened my eyes to what I am responsible for. As I was surrounded by people who have a heart to serve the Lord and be an example to the younger ones at their church, I realized that as one of the older girls at my church I should set an example and really help them grow in their faith by showering them with love and reminding them how great God is. I myself have been struggling with my faith because of the obstacles in my life. Through it all I realized that I am weak but I have a strong God who will unconditionally love me no matter what. I really need to trust God more and make Him be the center of my life. I am unworthy but God makes me worthy and I need to keep reminding myself how big and great God is. After years of doubting God and being shaken I have finally let go of the hurt and sorrow that stopped me from trusting God because He is my Prince of Peace and by His wounds I am healed. Thank you Bridge for an unforgettable experience!


– Going to retreat I didn’t expect much. I pretty much only thought that we were going to sing songs and meet new people. But Bridge was nothing like I expected…Yes, I met tons of new people, sang songs I sing in the shower now, but the most important thing was that I believe that my relationship with God has tremendously changed. I feel very blessed that I got to go on this retreat with other people that share the same love for God.  My favorite part about the retreat was how people opened up about their personal lives.  – Heather Che


– God has shown me more and more every bridge how I can become closer to him by becoming more aware of myself and others. I’ve seen this retreat through a good and old friend of mine how pride twists itself to almost look like humility when its just self-shaming and thinking about yourself too much. Coming back definitely has been a giant sin struggle and a constant spiritual battle against my deepest and darkest sins, but this retreat definitely has helped to turn the tides in uncovering deeper roots of sin.  My favorite part was fellowship, praise, and talking with counselors/catching up. 


– I have learned a lot like how when Jesus died on the cross, he fixed everything. we might not see that right now but we will soon see that it’s true. we learned about chutzpah and more. loved it so much and miss it.  My favorite part was how close we are with everyone and how we spent time with one another like the skits. also liked the worship and praying times.


– “The word of God is like the sun, shining upon all those to whom it is proclaimed, but with no effect among the blind.  Now, all of us are blind by nature in this respect.  Accordingly, it cannot penetrate into our minds unless the Spirit, as the inner teacher, through his illumination makes entry for it…Christ, when he illumines us into faith by the power of his Spirit, at the same time so engrafts us into his body that we become partakers of every good.”  Institutes of the Christian Religion (3.2.34; 3.2.35)

This happened for the first time for many of our students at BRIDGE this past year!  As I was reading and reflecting, I couldn’t help but to rejoice over God’s saving plan He has had all along for this past year’s BRIDGE and making His illumination enter into the hearts of our youth!  He is so worthy of our praises!   And now that you are fully united with Christ, may you fall deeper in love with our Savior King each new day and the Spirit empower you to be nourished to walk by faith, not by sight, with willing obediences to embrace His harvest calling for His glory!


– BRIDGE was really uplifting.  I felt really close to God and he really lifted me up and it was awesome.  I really liked the homosexuality seminar because I got to saw a Christian perspective on it rather than all my friends saying that the Church is wrong. In some aspects, of course it can improve, but it gave me a few answers I was looking for. After BRIDGE, I contacted a few people over FB, and I really got to talk with them and really grow spiritually.


– Wow. The people, the worship. Splendid moments to never forget.